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Internship opportunities that become full-time positions

by Paul Sevcik

Many questions swirl about when considering moving an intern to a full-time hire.  After looking at your budget and seeing that there is room to grow the team, you might still have questions.  For example:

1.       Will the intern make a positive contribution to our team if we hire them? (think ‘ROI’)

2.       Do we have the room to fit them into our current processes? (think ‘team’)

3.       Are they actually interested in working for us? (think ‘interest’)

None of these questions are easy to answer because they’re multi-faceted and probably involve more than one person’s input.  Here is a real-life example from our office:  

After we had an intern candidate go through our screening process, we invited her for an interview and learned that she was interested in international work and that she was fantastic at keeping things organized.  We started by having her attend our in-house training on Role-Based Assessment and becoming officially certified in it. 

We then started her on work in translations we desperately needed (she was strong in a particular language we were looking to grow support in).  Over her three months in the internship, we eventually transitioned her to communicate directly with our clients in that market.  Additionally, she attended all our company meetings and built strong relationships with each person at the office.

As a result of her escalating responsibility and commitment, we gave her more tasks involving keeping the employees at our rapidly-developing startup organized.  We soon saw her as indispensible and every employee was benefiting from her contributions.  The value she brought to the company was clear and losing her was not in our best interest.  Over several conversations, we made her an offer and were happy to see her accept.

Today, this intern is employed full-time at The Gabriel Institute doing work she enjoys.  The transition was pretty simple and just involved official paperwork because she already had a strong foundation in what we do.

Jenny is not the only example of a successful connection through TGI.  We do not close relationships with our interns just because their calendar time with us has ended.  They remain in contact with us as developments happen.  They may not receive our top-secret day-to-day insider news, but are included on all ‘partner’ communications that create excitement about the company.  This may lead them to return to us later as other full-time hires.  After all, if they were good enough to hire once and made positive contributions during their time with us, why not invite them back?

Each organization is unique and their particular situation is different, but ROI, teaming, and interest from the intern are all important to consider!

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