Q. How can I help our student interns document their success at their internships?

June 29, 2010 at 9:19 am Leave a comment

by the Intern Coach

A. Your interns are most fortunate to have an employer who wants to make sure that they receive proper documentation for their hard work on your company’s behalf.  Such tangible proof of performance will strengthen their resumes and provide additional material for their portfolios. Here’s how to provide that documentation:

  • Make sure that the intern supervisor fills out the final evaluation form, which is usually provided by your intern’s school. The student should receive a copy of the final evaluation form as well as the school. If the intern has performed well, the supervisor should also write a letter of recommendation, complimenting the student on his/her work, on the company letterhead.
  • If the intern supervisor has written weekly evaluations that are positive, you might want to make copies of those evaluations and present them in a folder to your student intern, so he/she can use them to get other internships or positions.
  • Do give your intern fresh copies of every item on which he or she has worked. Your student intern may have contributed to a report or document that will not be finalized until after the internship is over. When that report or document appears, send it to the intern with a thank you note, which your intern could use to get future internships or jobs.  You could also add their names as authors or contributors to the documents or reports if their participation warrants such recognition. 
  • Consider asking other company employees with whom your student intern has worked closely to write a recommendation for the intern, too. If your intern has been part of a team, perhaps the team leader would be willing to write a recommendation for the intern. Or if your student has moved around to different departments, you could ask the various department heads to write recommendations for the intern.
  • Offer to help your student intern collate these materials into a professional presentation. You might have a handsome company binder or folder that you could give to the intern. Ask one of your design-oriented staff to help organize the binder for your student intern. If your company is not well known, you might want to add some company information into the binder to help your student intern impress other potential internship organizations by his/her affiliation with your firm.

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