Q. What if the student’s self-assessment of their performance isn’t in alignment with the company’s?

June 16, 2010 at 10:58 am Leave a comment

by the Intern Coach

A. If the student thinks he/she is not performing up to company expectations, but the company is totally satisfied with the student, that’s not a serious problem. You can simply assure the insecure intern that you’re very pleased with his/her work. However, if the student perceives that he/she is doing an excellent job while the company begs to differ, that’s a complicated problem. Here are some solutions to get everyone in agreement: 

  • The internship manager needs to compare the student and the company assessments to discover the discrepancies. After isolating the problem areas from the company viewpoint, the manager should devise a list of suggestions on how the intern can improve those problem areas. Also note any problems that the intern alleges with the company.
  • The most challenging step is sitting down with the intern and explaining the company’s concerns and how the intern can address those issues. First, select an area in which the student is meeting company expectations and compliment the intern on a job well done. Then, point out the areas that need to have improvement, emphasizing that the student will benefit by increasing his/her skill set.  
  • Be positive in your suggestions and phrase your sentences carefully. For example, instead of saying, “You aren’t getting your reports in on time, and you’re working too slowly,” try saying, “We’d like to see the reports in earlier; if you feel overwhelmed with other duties, we can lighten your load.”
  • Rather than blaming the intern with the word “you” for poor performance, you’re focusing on teamwork with the word “we” and the company’s desire to help the intern achieve success. It’s helpful for you and the student intern to set revised goals together, so he/she can take appropriate steps to improve performance.
  • After you have this conversation with your student, check in on a daily basis to see how the student is progressing in reaching the goals. Keep up a teamwork attitude, so the student feels supported in these efforts. By the next evaluation period, the company and the intern should be in alignment on assessments. 

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